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Since the time 2019, IZMAShop has been inseparable from cowhide Biker / Motorcycle Suit. The tones, sliders, streamlined bump, metal plates and incorporated airbag were completely designed in the research centers of Pakistan, where the show-stoppers that keep on safeguarding the world’s most noteworthy motorcycling champions are as yet handmade every day.

The main thing in Leather Motorcycle’s suit superior than a IZMAShop, is your IZMAShop.

IZMAShop Custom Works permits you to make your own special made-to-gauge cowhide article of biker suit: select the shadings and feel that best suit your necessities. Complete opportunity of articulation on the world’s most state of the leather art material.

It isn’t recently tweaked. It is your IZMASHop.

Remarkable, very much like you.

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